December 1st thru 15th

Parenting in Yoga Pants

Doubles-Plus-1 Fact Doubles-Plus-1 Fact 12-1-14

12-1-14 She created a slidewalk by putting 2 of my step risers on one side to create a ramp and has been sliding and walking on it with her tights on while talking constantly since 3:30pm. She had to tell me what doubles-plus-1 fact was…I’ve concluded it’s just the wording they use in Common Core that confuses me. Using fact made me want to go do research.
12-3-14 Received a call from her school this morning that another kid ran into her at recess and her glasses were bent and she was inconsolable. The secretary put her on the phone and I told her to have someone bend them back and we get them adjusted after school, she just cried harder, so I picked her up to get her glasses fixed. Found out it was the girl she doesn’t like in her class that ran into her by…

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Character Project: Puppy

Orlando Muralles

The completed project. I’m, admittedly, not happy with it and will be revisiting/improving this when time allows. Poor time management on my part (though a poor excuse) kept me from executing this to my liking.

There was also an issue when this was printed, the top of the image was cut off just a little, creating an odd space between the angle of the couch on the top-left and the the top edge. An oversight on my part.

— OM


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WARM/ COOL Sunflowers

Tauroney ART

Follow these steps to create your own warm/ cool sunflowers! 🙂

Please remember these two REQUIREMENTS while working:

  • Sunflower must be cropped off at least one edge
  • Each section (petals, center, leafs, background) must have 3 colors within it

Reference for the warm and cool colors:


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