Inktober Day 7

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Originally posted on MONOLOGISH:

My submission for day 7. Agreed it is a much less thought out than my usual, but I have a lot of work to finish and this was all I could muster courage for. Also I’m trying to not over-think the lines, just go with the flow…:/


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Two sketches to begin the blog

Originally posted on H. Butt:

Even though twitter does already know these pictures, I’m going to publish a two sketchbook-sketches (actually I do this, because it would be sad to have a completely empty blog). I drew them in the past few weeks and they basicly show some things I found at home.L1210389L1210408

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Character Project: Puppy

Originally posted on Orlando Muralles — Art 141:

The completed project. I’m, admittedly, not happy with it and will be revisiting/improving this when time allows. Poor time management on my part (though a poor excuse) kept me from executing this to my liking.

There was also an issue when this was printed, the top of the image was cut off just a little, creating an odd space between the angle of the couch on the top-left and the the top edge. An oversight on my part.

— OM


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WARM/ COOL Sunflowers

Originally posted on Tauroney ART:

Follow these steps to create your own warm/ cool sunflowers! :)

Please remember these two REQUIREMENTS while working:

  • Sunflower must be cropped off at least one edge
  • Each section (petals, center, leafs, background) must have 3 colors within it

Reference for the warm and cool colors:


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Sketching through Taiwan



Originally posted on Teach - Travel - Repeat:

We went to Taiwan in August & I bought a little sketchbook right before going.  I had a goal of filling the pages with sketches wherever we stopped and had a minute.  I started off strong.  I drew and painted about 4 sketches in the first 2 days and then the days turned busier and hotter.  Our first two days in Wulai were really relaxing and slower paced.  It allowed a lot more time to sit back and sketch.  I ended up only doing one sketch in Taipei.  I think it was mostly due to the weather: either super hot or pouring rain.

I’m not especially proud of my sketches because I don’t have a lot of experience with landscapes, but I am excited to be getting back into the hobby of sketching again.  frameShareFile

On our last night in Taipei we went to the Red House.  It’s an old historical building…

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Shape Exercises Day One


love those shapes..very nicely done.

Originally posted on Grumplebee:

Shape practice took about an hour and a half today. In addition to the shapes, I also decided to practice some shading as The Art of Pencil Drawing has some demonstrations of various shading techniques to practice.

Upon taking a closer look at The Art of Pencil Drawing I found some really good information about what the various types of pencils with the are used for. Also what you can do with them at varying degrees of sharpness. It was a little overwhelming. But for now I’m just going to focus on the shapes. Unfortunately, the book also goes straight from some information about shading straight into drawing things that look pretty complicated. Luckily, The Complete Book of Drawing has some good information about drawing exercises.

I also practiced various over and underhand drawing techniques. I found various techniques worked better for making different shapes. As I remembered from last…

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